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Our job is to make you BETTER. We offer a wide variety of workouts, drills, and skill development

to help you in any facet of the game. Our most popular sessions are Private and Group Training. If there is something specific you want to get better at, book a private session, and let coach know what skill you want to focus on for the day! 

Browse ALL of our training sessions below. If you have any questions please contact Coach Glennon at


Mike Glennon Jr.  -  Varsity Assistant at Mt. Carmel  |  MGELITE Program Director
Conor Glennon  -  Grad Assistant at University of Hawaii
Luke Moustakas  -  Power Forward for Northwest Missouri State Bearcats

*Training sessions are limited due to the High School and Grade School Basketball Seasons. For session information, please contact Coach Glennon Jr. at 708.860.9717

Private Training - $40

Great for in-depth skill development. This can be customizeable. Private Training can be a 1-on-1 session or a private group. Each session is $40/person.

"Fix My Jumper" - $50

1-hour shooting session with video review and in-depth breakdown of jumpshot with suggestions for improvement.

Group Training - $20

Great for breaking a sweat. Group Training is open to anyone and everyone. Sign up to be put through advanced-level skill development drills. Each session will end in 3v3 or 5v5. Each session is $20/person.

Shooting Gun Session - $40

1-hour guided shooting workout on the Dr. Dish Shooting Gun. Bring up to 3 people per session for an extra $20 per person.

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