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Our vision is to create the #1 skill development training-based travel program for the AAU spring/summer season.  Mike Glennon Elite is dedicated to total player development that is proven to elevate your game! 

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MGELITE has one mission: develop the skills of each individual player. In. todays game, team practices rarely offer the opportunity for players to develop their individual skills. At MGELITE, that is our main focus. Our practices are tailored for the individual.


Practices will feature time for teaching/mentorship as well as the opportunity to translate teachings to the game. Drills will include position-less training, focusing on ball handling, shooting, defense, and basketball IQ. We will push each athlete to compete, learn, and grow over the season. Each practice, each drill, each game we will encourage you to get 1% better. 

Don’t waste your offseason. Join MGELITE and seriously enhance your game. 

*2024 information coming soon!


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