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How is payment collected?

Payment is collected via our site. If you prefer to pay with cash, check, or payment service please contact Coach Glennon for approval. 

When is payment collected?

Payment will be broken up into 3. A collection of $710 is to be made before the first practice. The remaining balance is to be collected every 4 weeks.

How many players will be on a team?

Teams will have a total of 8 players. This is to ensure that all players get an adequate amount of practice and game experience. A practice player position can be made available. This decision will be made by head coaches based on a few factors.

Are hotels provided for out-of-state?

Hotels are not provided by the team. A link will be shared by the head coach for discounted hotel stays. All bookings must be made by a parent/guardian. Players are welcome to plan and organize a joint stay, however coaches are not responsible for organizing. 

When do we find out game schedules?

Game schedules are normally released on Thursdays. Head coaches will email and/or text the schedule to parents and players once released. 

What if we have a conflict and have to miss a practice or game?

We understand conflicts will arise and players are involved in multiple sports. With that said, we hope that players understand their commitment to the team and their teammates. A missed practice or game is okay, we just ask for a heads up ahead of time.

If a player is making a habit of missing practices or games, the head coach has the right to restrict playing time during tournaments. 

Where are the games located?

80% of games will be played in Chicago, in the west suburbs. Tournaments will also be played in Indiana and Wisconsin. 

What will practices consist of?

Practices will be broken up into skill work and team work. Each day will feature ~45 mins of individual skill work (i.e. footwork, shooting off the dribble, reading off-ball screens). Teams will also be introduced advanced offensive & defensive concepts while still furthering the development of each player.

What are the reports that are given out during the season?

These are individualized reports for each player. These will be an in-depth analysis of the players skill sets on categories such as shooting, finishing, ball-handling, on-ball defense, off-ball defense, etc. Each report is private and will not be shared with anyone but said player. The goal is to help each player fully understand their current strengths and weaknesses with guidance on potential growth opportunities and future roles within a team setting. 

Do we need to order Jerseys if we have one from last year?

Not everyone will need to order jerseys! If you are a returning 14U, or 17U player, your jersey will be the same. If lost or damaged, we recommend ordering a new one. 

13U and 15U will have new jerseys and must place an order. 

Is it possible to schedule extra time for workouts?

Yes! We have private and group training all spring and summer. Click here for more information or contact Coach Glennon.  

Have an unanswered question? Contact Coach Glennon at or 708.860.9717

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