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Congratulations to the following on making the 14u MGELITE team! Please check your email for next steps. If your name is listed but you did not receive an email, contact Coach Glennon at 708.860.9717

*If you did not make the team, we appreciate you trying out! Please note that if someone no longer decides to play, we will look for the next guy in line to fill in.

  1. Gavin Urchell

  2. Nolan Leonard

  3. Luke Seagroves

  4. Joe Niego

  5. Quinn Nolan

  6. Zach Grabowski

  7. Charlie Wizgird

  8. Thor Hock

  9. Charlie Wingate

  10. Brendan Dickman

  11. Peter Conneely

  12. Lucas Scarnavack

  13. Marty Donahue

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